It is ideal for families with children, business meetings or for a romantic evening. Among old stone walls and wooden beams is the familiar character cottage offering 5 rooms quirky and very warm design. Also, if you love nature, the outdoors, the peacefulness and the small pleasures of life, share with us your own time.

Located in the village of Barrio de Diaz Ruiz (Los Barrios de Bureba) BURGOS. It is located in the center of the region of La Bureba, which is constituted as an ideal place from which to visit this unique region, also known as “Little Castilla”.

Obarenes Lounge

It’s a dream come true after many years by its owners. It is a traditional Spanish country house, in terms of architecture and decorative elements. The Castellana soul, combining austerity, sobriety and fortitude, it shows in every one of its corners.

Noteworthy is the large terrace overlooking the Montes Obarenes and to the local church. On summer nights the stars and the moon have a special flair and romantic terrace make this an ideal location. Just need a good company and a book of poems by Pedro Salinas or Castilian tales oral tradition ethnographer Joaquin Diaz or an old Quijote.

Our environment

It’s nice to walk around the towns of La Bureba and meet its people, its Romanesque churches. But best of all is traveling, almost inadvertently, by the routes of the Natural Space of Montes Obarenes.

Space located in the foothills of the Cantabrian mountain range and is a great natural barrier between the Ebro River to the north and the region of La Bureba south. We highlight its rich landscape, flora and fauna. The viewpoint of the Portillo de Busto from which you can see the region of bureba.

You must travel to Caderechas Valley, famous for its horticultural wealth. In the flowering season can see a great white cherry blossoms blanket extending down the slopes and foothills, comparable to Extremadura Jerte.