• by The bureba and Ebro River
    • Here’s a selection of tourist routes throughout these regions.
    • Signposted hiking through the region of bureba, Obarenes mountains, the Caderechas, etc.

    I.N. Obarenes Mountains

    • It is a place of great beauty and varied landscape with an important richness of flora and fauna.

    The Caderechas

    • The most recommended Access by Salas de Bureba, where we emphasize their noble houses and its church.


    • Romanesque burebano

    • Romanic115One of the jewels, undiscovered, with its churches and chapels disposed by the peoples of the region such as San Salvador of Oña,  Monastery of Rodilla, Soto of Bureba,  Abajas, Navas de Bureba, etc.
    • Root route

    • The Route of The Roots constituted by villages  as: Poza de la Sal, Oña, Frías y Briviesca.


    • locals

    • remarkable

    The Barrios de Bureba

    Visit recommended in the village: In The Barrios of Bureba: Ermita de S. Fagun. In neighborhood Diaz Ruiz: Church of S. Salvador and sepulcher of the Counts of La Revilla.

    Church Barrio de Diaz Ruiz

    VirgenThe church is on the same side of the cottage LAREMILIA. A middle of century XVI, Juan de Velasco and his wife, by merits contracted in the Navy and Fleet of Indians, they are rewarded with the land and the title of Counts of Revilla.velasco



    – Natural Area ” Obarenes Mountains” – Valley of the Caderechas (cherry blossom) -Valley of Valdivielso.

    Route of the viewpoints

    Portillo, Pancorbo …

    Route of the roots of Castilla

    Part from Poza de la Sal, Oña and Frías.Recomendable visit to the edition of “The Ages of Man”. . -Poza de la Sal one of the most important places to visit are Las Salinas and Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian – In Oña you can visit the monastery of San Salvador and Oca Gorge – In Frias Castle and Tovera

    Romanesque Route burebano

    Soto of Bureba

    Hiking trails

    Pancorbo path. Trail Trail Mancubo- Bozoo. Trail Cubilla (beech Humión.) Roads Trail Oña. Viewpoints trail Oña. As well as 23, making up the network of trails Zadornil S. Montes Obarenes Natural Park.

    Visit the House of Oña´s Park.

    Route birth of the Nervion River and Monte Santiago

    magical route

    Santuario de Sta. Casilda. (Santa fertility ….)

    Unique towns route

    Castil de Lences.

    Valley route Caderechas

    Similar to Extremadura Jerte. Recommended visit to the town of Aguas Cándidas

    Path abandoned villages

    Tamayo (with one)

    gastronomic routes

    burebanos cheeses, curds and cheese: Grisaleña, Briviesca, Bust of Bureba … cherries, apples and nuts Caderechas Valley with its certification. Valdazo sausage … Tapeo in Briviesca.

    Visit the Atapuerca

    Visit to Burgos

    Cathedral, Carthusian Monastery of Las Huelgas, Museum of Human Evolution …