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In 1988, it was first performed by the Chronicle of oniense neighboring village, where two hundred people are involved, of which more than half comes on stage, which is a beautiful coral show.

15 August and the weekend closest.

Show in which the history of the town of Oña is told. The origin of the festival is that, following the customs of other urban centers, a group of citizens of Oña had the idea of ​​staging the story, mainly from the eleventh and twelfth centuries

(And thus other historical passages, with the passing of time, had far-reaching implications nationwide: La Reconquista) of the monastery of the town of Oña, which has (among other historical merit, artistic, cultural, architectural, etc .) a funeral together with eight graves, where kings are buried, infants, counts, bishops, princesses … that in the passing of time, and in various avatars of different types (war, fratricidal struggles, fighting against Arab invader, various partnerships, etc.), forged the kingdom of Castile.

Many of the characters, whose tombs are in the monastery, appear in the scene.